Katarina Ölkafé

Katarina Ölkafé is a nano-restaurant with a mix of NYC Jewish gastronomy, hearty North American food, and beer from Stockholm and around the world.

Katarina bangata 27, Södermalm, Stockholm map
Stop in and see us

Monday -Thursday 17:00 to 23:00
Friday 17:00 to midnight
Saturday noon to midnight

Sunday 17-22


Sandwiches & Food



Our sandwiches are served on a super tasty levain bread, baked locally by Stockholm’s from Bröd & Salt Bageri. It is not only great for soaking up flavors, it’s also a suitable replacement for tableware.

A gluten-free alternative is available for those who wish to not harm the fields.

Housemade Pastrami
Brined for five days, baked overnight and steamed by the Ölkafé! This is our tried-and- true 2014 recipe. Steamed and chopped with mustard and served with sauerkraut and a pickle. We serve three different sizes.

STHLM – The Original, 150 gr. 145 kr

ATL – USA FETT. Deal with it. 200gr. 189 kr.

NYC – The tourist killer. 250gr. 245 kr

Hot pastrami meat with melted Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye bread and served with a pickle. 139kr

Add-ons for pastrami
Extra Cheese 30kr
Kimchi 35 kr
Jalapeños 25 kr

Matzo Weekend

On the weekends we do a homemade Matzo Ball soup, real fatty and of course fluffiest matzos in town. 149kr.

Vegan Kimchi
A politically-correct sandwich with kimchi homemade by our master cook Aless! Pickled red onions, portobello mushrooms and a handful of your choice of coriander or cilantro. Served with a pickle. 135kr

Substitute with tempeh from Nordisk Matutveckling. 35kr

Smoked Salmon Melt
Smoked salmon with melted chèvre, a tiny smörgåsbord of herbs and pickled onions on rye. Served with a pickle. 145kr


Mac n’ cheese for lip smackin’ Swedes. Order it Straight Up or in one of our styles with with extra goodness. Spice it up with our house hot sauce Baby April.

Straight Up
Our trusty mac & cheese with creamy cheddar, cavatappi pasta, pickled red onions and bread crumbs. 95kr

Buddy Cianci
Marinara pastrami topping in a style made famous by the Mayor of Providence. 114kr

Funghi Minaj
Our mac & cheese with seasonal mushrooms, fried with with a healthy dose of cheese. 114 kr

Señor Chester
Crumbs of smashed cheesy poofs and pickled jalapeños. ¡Fan vad bueno! 114kr

Desert, sides and extras

Dessert Blast

Dessert Storm
Babys Babba – homemade brioche, soaked in vanilla syrup, whipped cream, and sour cherry juice. 69kr/ 99 kr with rum


Chips (the American kind, not French fries) 35 kr

Smoked almonds 45 kr

Ogorki with honey and smetana 45 kr

Beef beer sausage (nötkött) 45 kr

Screamin Vivi Hot Suace

Our own homemade hot sauce fruity and great with Macnchz or whatever u like • free just ask the house.

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We have seven taps that change all the time. Our current lineup is listed on the chalkboard behind the bar.

We’re so busy pouring great beers for you that we don’t update our tap list on the website. You’ll just have to stop in and say hi. Go on, get your ass up here.


These great selections also change from time to time, based on the seasons and our moods. Our guest bottles are listed on the golden board by the window.

Our Sweet Taps


Bla Bla bla by Fermenterna 
Sour Fruit bomb • 6.0% • 89 kr


Hothead IPA % By Apex Brewing Co.
Kviek IPA •  6.4 % • 85kr

Tap 3

Katarina Sour by Tempel Brygghus 
6.5% • 83 kr


Katarina Pale Ale by Tempel Brygghus
Pale Ale • 4.5% • 79 kr

Tap 5

Katarina Lager by Tempel 
Lager 5.0% • 79 kr

Tap 6

Hatorm by Apex Brewing Co.
IPA • 6.5% • 89kr

Tap 7

Pyscho Circus by Fermenterna 
Imperial Stout • 10.0% • 89 kr


Ask for the high pour!
6% • 75 kr


Gin & Tonic
Stockholms Bränneri Gin
125 kr

125 kr

Our classic margarita is sweet, salty, sour and bitter, just like our customers.
125 kr

Ask for any other cocktail you desire. We’ll do our best.


Bloody Mary
125 kr

Virgin Mary
89 kr

Hangover Cure
Bloody Mary with a reuben slider
155 kr


Many of our guests submit that they are simply too classy for beer. We respect that and we have a number of wines available to make you look fancy or smart. We have an always changing array of natural wines.

Red Petti Rosso , Gaio Gaio Calabretta, , Bojo New
White Txakoli, SP 68 Occhipinti, Picarana
Bubble Sebastian Brunet Pet Nat


Sigtuna NAPA
Pale Ale • 0.5% • 48 kr


Coca-Cola 36 kr
Bundaberg Ginger Beer 48 kr
Soda Vatten 36 kr